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Corinne Cosseron is the founder of the Institute of Science of Happiness which includes:

the International School of Laughter, the first school of laughter founded in 2002, the French Laughter Yoga Directoty, the Center for Positive Psychology Applications and the School of Meditations.


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Corinne Cosseron is the creator of an original psychophysical method, rigology, allowing to reconnect to his joie de vivre, whatever the circumstances.

This fun approach combines ancestral wisdom and recent scientific discoveries in neuroscience.

Holistic, fun and deep at the same time, the rigology marries elements from many disciplines as positive psychology, emotional intelligence, playful relaxation therapy, laughter yoga and meditation.

It helps give meaning to his life and joy to reinstall all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Rigology is absolutely for everyone: stressed business personnel, general public, teachers, students, caregivers, educators, patients, ...


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Corinne Cosseron divides her time between management of the Institute of Science of Happiness, her interventions in businesses and corporates- particularly with Montpellier Business School which she is a partner, rigologues' trainings worldwide, the realization of books, blogs and information videos on rigology and transmission of meditation in all its forms in her House of Happiness located in Frontignan on the Mediterranean Sea which is open to her students.


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